Buyer, Seller, Agent, and Broker Information

In every Bulk Sale or Business Sale transaction there are specific needs exclusive to the Buyer, the Seller, and even the Agent or Broker. Accelerated Escrow Company can address those specific needs, assuring a timely, accurate, and efficient transaction.


You want to make sure that what you see is what you get. Most purchasers of businesses do not realize they could be held liable for tax concerns of previous owners, or other matters, if they purchase a business without the proper documentation and "releases" from various governmental agencies and/or secured parties.

Many individuals who purchase a business may feel they have a great relationship with the Seller, and do not see the need for any third party "interference." However, there can be skeletons in the closet from current and previous owners, some of which even they may not be aware. A Buyer cannot be sure of a free and clear conveyance without proper record searches and affidavits. These may be the Buyer's only assurance that all efforts were exhausted to locate any potential liens on the business or for claims due by the government. Most Buyers are unaware they can be held liable for any taxes, audits and assessments prior to their ownership. A Buyer of a business can be held accountable for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, which happens all too frequently when no third party escrow is involved. Where does the Buyer go to reclaim these expenses if the Seller has left the area and is no longer available, or just simply doesn't care? What happens to the investment of the business, if not the health of the business itself? Protect your investment and your future, call the experts at AEC.


In many business sale transactions the Seller often finances or does a "Seller Carry Back" for a portion of the purchase price to consummate the sale. If proper documentation is not in place, including a Promissory Note, Security Agreement and perhaps Personal Guaranty, along with the recorded financing statement, the Seller may have difficulty collecting on the debt in the future. The protection to a Seller is properly executed documentation by the Buyer, and appropriate filings made in the State.

In addition, AEC can provide you with documentation to have the Buyer sign off on certain contingencies and concerns, especially those reference to training or other Seller obligations. It is important for the documentation on a sale to be complete and accurate, regardless of whether it is partially financed or paid in full, to protect the Seller from future potential liability on a business in which the Seller no longer has any interest or control. Protect your investment and your future, call the experts at AEC.

Agent or Broker

Accelerated Escrow Company has provided services to Licensed Brokers, throughout the State of Nevada by facilitating business acquisitions and sales for their clients. Brokers have come to rely on the professionalism and accuracy of AEC. Agents and Brokers trust us with the knowledge that their clients are always in good hands and will be dealt with the highest degree of service, professionalism and courtesy. AEC works with the majority of the Brokers in Nevada who specialize in business transactions, as well as many independent Real Estate Offices who occasionally venture into the business sale arena. These Agents and Brokers have come to rely on AEC getting the job done correctly, from the beginning to the end of each transaction process.